Episkopi Children’s Centre

The Ministry of Defence commissioned Mark Dudek Associates to provide support for the development of their new children’s centre buildings in Cyprus. A budget of £8 million has been allocated to eight different projects, sourced directly from the LIBOR fines paid by the UK banks as part of the Armed Forces Covenant. It is to be administered and delivered by the MoD’s ‘Education and Training Service’ (JETS), close to the Akrotiri Airbase. JETS, supported by the SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association), is an enlightened organisation which recognises the efficasy of the Surestart approach to procurement, with a strong emphasis on high quality child-centric design.

The scheme illustrated for a sloping site on the Episkopi military base features a strong oval shaped form which provides the required separated internal departments, in a dramatic unifying form. The inhabited rooftop allows additional play areas for the pre-school with a cafe and viewing terrace looking out to sea. This provides an important social area for the community as a whole.

Client: JETS, in the Ministry of Defence.

Budget: £8 million, for a number of projects.